Digital innovations for a better quality of life

November 20, 2023
two persons talking on the Digital Days Vienna 2023 hall

VRVis presented BeauCoup’s solutions during the Digital Days Vienna 2023, an event that aims to make digitalization tangible.

In order to encourage people to overcome (potential) reservations towards technology, the City of Vienna has been organizing the “Digital Days” since 2016. On 20 and 21 November, Viennese citizens were able to explore innovations and digital applications, participate in workshops and guided tours free of charge. As one of 30 exhibitors, VRVis presented the vision of BeauCoup, showed project-related videos and let visitors experience the tactile multimedia guide and tactile reliefs, both part of the “Box” delivery model within the BeauCoup framework. The team explained the process of translating artworks and museum objects into tactile reliefs and held discussions with potentially interested institutions. People of all ages tried out the tactile multimedia guide with its wide range of low-threshold and intuitive ways to experience art.