To enable cultural experiences for senior citizens via multisensory, inclusive technologies using digital and analogue tools.

Senior lady visiting musem of são roque

Older adults are often excluded from cultural experiences located inside art-related institutions, for reasons such as physical impairments, institutionalization or health limitations.

The BeauCoup Project aims to create a solution to let older adults explore and interact with cultural heritage outside existing institutional contexts, such as museums. This project will create a solution that enables various application partners like museums, exhibitors, tourism agencies and municipalities to create and share cultural experiences with older adults. We will involve end users throughout the entire project, based on a participatory research methodology, and existing building blocks will be combined in three Service Delivery Models (SDMs), covering different usage scenarios. A mix of analogue and digital artefacts, combined in the “The Bag” and “The Box”, can be explored in interactive group settings, while a digital solution providing interactive guided tours through museums and exhibitions will be delivered by “The Screen”. This way, BeauCoup – Building Active User Experiences to Bring Culture to the People will set new standards in the democratization of cultural access and will connect elderly people through a shared experience, in order to stimulate social interaction and an active life.