In this section you will find the BeauCoup Project results, such as latest developments or public deliverables.

D1.2 – Project Handbook, Technical Risk Analysis and Management Plan

June 30, 2022

The aim of this deliverable is to provide defined rules and procedures to execute relevant project activities like communication and decision finding among project partners, to conduct meetings and create deliverables.

Download it here (PDF | 530KB).

D5.2 – Dissemination plan, branding, community building

June 30, 2022

This deliverable defines and establishes the implementation of Dissemination, Branding and Community Building activities and their respective coordination amongst consortium members. Its aim is to outline the overall BeauCoup project’s strategy for communication, to present what has already been done and to point out what will be done in the future, and to demonstrate how it will contribute to BeauCoup’s central objective.

Download it here (PDF | 816KB).