Evaluation of physical and digital cards in Slovenia

March 12, 2023
Evaluation of-physical and digital cards in Slovenia

On March 12th, 2023, an evaluation of physical and digital cards, which are being developed as part of the BeauCoup project, was carried out in Slovenia.

The cards are being developed by project partners Feelif and the University of Siena. Multisensory and interactive cards will be available in museums, where they can be bought as a souvenir or as a gift for entering the museum. The elderly, including blind and deaf people with a cochlear implant, were enthusiastic about the goals of the project and the products so far. Not only did they see a great opportunity for themselves, but they also recognized the possibility of involving other target groups in the project, such as children. We thought this was excellent, as one of the goals of the project is intergenerational integration.