Improving the Tactile Multimedia Guide

July 14, 2023
Improving the Tactile Multimedia Guide

BeauCoup builds on existing and newly developed solutions from all the partners and institutions involved.

One of these applications is the Tactile Multimedia Guide, which was developed by VRVis within the Horizon2020 project “ARCHES”. This kiosk installation features tactile relief interpretation of paintings and other museum objects, designed and manufactured in a fully digital process. By combining gesture recognition, an audio guide, color projection or supplementary on-screen information, the tactile multimedia guide is individually adaptable and makes art easily accessible. In this way, the target group of BeauCoup, senior citizens, will be able to interact with the objects intuitively, using multiple senses.

VRVis coordinated the “ARCHES” project and has received several awards and nominations for its contribution, for example the Zero Project Award 2020, a Bronze Award at the IIIDawards 2020, the WSA Austria Award 2020 (category “Inclusion”), the Heritage in Motion Award 2020 and it was shortlisted for the WSA Award 2020 in the category “Inclusion & Empowerment”.

The tactile multimedia guide is currently being evaluated within the context of BeauCoup and will be integrated into the common BeauCoup content framework.